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26 March, 2007

Remembering Tokyo Rose

Anyone who remembers anything about World War II, or has studied anything about World War II, will understand and remember that during World War II, the Japanese developed a way to demoralize the American forces.

The Japanese psychological warfare experts developed a message they felt would work.

They gave their psychological warfare script to their famous broadcaster "Tokyo Rose" and every day she would broadcast this same message packaged in different ways, hoping it would have a negative impact on American an GI's morale. What was that demoralizing message?

It had three main points:

1. Your President is lying to you.

2. This war is illegal.

3. You cannot win the war

Does this sound familiar?

Is it because---

Tokyo Hillary - Tokyo Harry - Tokyo Teddy - Tokyo Nancy - Tokyo Durbin - Tokyo Kerry –

Tokyo Murtha - Tokyo Barack Hussein Obama Jr, etc. have all learned from the former enemies of our country and have picked up the same message and are broadcasting it on:

Tokyo CNN, Wolf Blitzer

Tokyo ABC, Charles Gibson

Tokyo CBS, Katie Couric

Tokyo NBC, Brian Williams / Tim Russert etc., to our troops?

The only difference is that they claim to support our troops before they try to demoralize them.

Come to think of it... Tokyo Rose told the American troops she was on their side, also.

23 March, 2007

Gay Forced Off Plane

A man who was obviously Gay is asked to debark an airliner.

Big John Decommissioned Today

The aircraft carrier U.S.S. John F. Kennedy (CV-67) is being decommissioned today in Mayfort, Florida.

16 March, 2007

Do Not Enter

I was in Las Vegas and decided to do Panda Express for lunch. Pulling off the street I noticed a "Do Not Enter" sign that for the moment, confused me. On closer inspection I found this.

15 March, 2007

Democrats in Action

I had a hard time trying to decide if this should be Odd News or not.

The Congressional bonehead award goes to Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) who, on a visit to JPL, asked if Mars Pathfinder had taken an image of the flag planted there in 1969 by Neil Armstrong!

Quipped Rep. Vernon Ehlers (R-MI) to the Washington Times: "We just don't teach enough science." Worse, Jackson Lee, who represents Houston, is a member of the House Science Committee's space subcommittee. Perhaps some committee reassignments are in order...

This is the same Rep. Jackson-Lee who complained in 2003 that the names of hurricanes were "lilly white" and introduced a bill to include more African-American names into the mix.

14 March, 2007

Celebrate pi Day

Today is pi Day or Pi Approximation Day for those of you who prefer to be formal.
For those who don't get it right off (read-Math Geeks); today is 3/14. Get it? Maybe your a traditionalist and are waiting for July 27 (REAL Math Geek Joke).

Still not getting it? Oh well maybe I'll post a picture tomorrow.

Read more here...

Bonus Points: What is the picture called?

13 March, 2007

The Pessimists Mug

Not that I'm am a pessimist. Far from it. I just think this is funny.

11 March, 2007

Odd News

Singer Signs Sony Contract from her Basement

13 April, 2007

London singer Sandi Thom landed a million Pound recording contract with Sony after staging concerts in her home and web casting them. Her debut album "Smile. It Confuses People" comes out in June.
Read more here.

09 March, 2007

Are You a Liberal?

You might be if....

  • You own something that says, "Dukakis for President, " and still display it.
  • You've ever said, "We really should call the ACLU about this."
  • You believe that a few hundred loggers can find another career, but the defenseless spotted owl must live in its preferred tree.
  • You ever based an argument on the phrase, "But they can afford a tax hike because..."
  • You keep count of how many people you know in each racial or ethnic category.
  • You believe our government must do it because everyone in Europe does.
  • You can't talk about foreign policy without using the word conspiracy.
  • You think Ralph Nader makes a lot of sense.
  • You don't understand why anyone was bothered by Jane's trip to Hanoi.
  • You think solar energy is being held back by those greedy oil companies.
  • You've never been mugged.
  • You actually expect to collect Social Security.
  • You think the State of Florida should have tried to reform Ted Bundy.
  • You think the Great Society has actually worked.
  • You don't see the similarity between WONK and WANK.
  • You got teary-eyed during the film "The American President."
  • You think Ayn Rand is an African currency.
  • Your house smells like a garbage dump because of your commitment to recycling.
  • You think political patronage describes the Kennedy family.
  • Your High School Year Book goals included the words "help people."
  • You think the Free Market is where they hand out Government cheese.
  • You think Carter should be on Mt. Rushmore.
  • You believe personal injury lawyers when they say they are just trying to defend the little guy.
  • You know that those profit mongering drug companies could find a cure for AIDS if they really wanted to.
  • You actually believe the NY Times and Washington Post.
  • You know at least one Vegan.
  • You trust Teddy Kennedy when he said that she was driving.
  • You'd rather own Birkenstock than Merck Stock.
  • You think public housing is great, but just NIMBY.
  • You think the anti-war protesters from '60s are the real heroes.
  • You think that Supply Side Economics refers to your dope dealer's stash.
  • You think Michael Jackson is a great example of diversity.
  • You actually think that poverty can be abolished.
  • You think that Joan Baez had something to say.
  • You admire the Swedish welfare system.
  • You know that Jefferson really meant to say "Entitled to Happiness."
  • You think the Flat Tax should be at 95%
  • You go to Gay Pride Day parades so that no one can call you homophobic.
  • After looking at your pay stub you can still say, "America is under taxed."

Odd News

Switzerland Accidentally Attacks Liechtenstein
Dateline- 2 March,2007

ZURICH, Switzerland (AP) -- What began as a routine training exercise almost ended in an embarrassing diplomatic incident after a company of Swiss soldiers got lost at night and marched into neighboring Liechtenstein.Read more...

Pelosi Wants Bush to Pull Out

Well, that didn't take long. Lead by Speaker Pelosi, House Democrats have called for a pull out from Iraq by August,2008. As predicted, the non-binding resolutions have turned into a binding resolution as Congress attempts to "Control the Purse" and force the Administration to reverse it's course in the War on Terrorism.

Stop to think for a minute. What would a pull out accomplish? Did pulling out of Somalia allow that country to govern itself? Did a pull out help Vietnam retain it's independence? Will a pull out curb Radical Islam? Were we in Iraq when the U.S.S. Cole was bombed? When the embassies in Somalia were bombed? September 11th?

If Iraq is the same "Quagmire" as Vietnam, have we learned anything since 1975? When the U.S. pulls out of Iraq, the resulting bloodbath will make the Communist take over of South Vietnam look like a birthday party. Are the Democrats saying that we should let the Iraqis die instead of Americans? It that what America stands for? If this was a western, would the Sheriff say, "Do what you want with the girl, but leave us alone".

It's clear that the Democratic Party is driven by a hatred of George Bush. Bush did not invent the War on Terrorism. Radical Islam has been with us since 1972. September 11th merely brought it home to us. Allowed us to see the reality that Europe has faced since Munich. Do the Democrats really believe that everything will be better with Bush out of office? If we do not stay the course in Iraq and Afghanistan, Radical Islam will claim a righteous victory and turn it's resources towards the United States. We will be dodging car bombs on the way to work. September 11th was the first attack on American soil because we have always fought in foreign countries. The Democrats want to change that. Is that the change you voted for?

All is not doom and gloom in Congress. The Republicans have actually stood up and opposed this binding resolution. Pelosi and Reid might be enjoying a majority right now but they will find out that they can't do much with it. So while Congress debates, Radical Islam will see it as the weakness it is and plot to go on the offensive again.

08 March, 2007

Kids Build a Coffin for their Teacher

A Dutch primary school teacher who is dying of cancer is overseeing one last project among her beloved pupils - they are making a coffin for her.More...

I've rekindled my Odd News section on this blog. Let's start with a really odd item.

Okay. Granted, it's Holland, but this just creeps me out. We built a World War I Fighter Plane in 7th grade science but didn't whip out a casket when our teachers died.

06 March, 2007

Sneak Peek at the 2007 Thunderbird Team

The USAF Thunderbirds are practicing for their 2007 season. The Team is looking very sharp this year. I hope you get a chance to see them in person.

Funny Stuff

Britney Spears Rehab Doll

Move over Trailer Trash Barbie, you have competition. Metro.co.uk has reported the sale of a new action figure doll. Complete with new doo and straight jacket, it is brutal in the English fashion. It is packaged with the "Not for Children" warning. This might be confusing. Is the doll not for children, or is Brit herself not appropriate?
Britney's life may be spinning out of control but it's Karma coming around. She hasn't been very popular here in Las Vegas since she stiffed the waitress at the Aladdin casion for a coffee. There are two taboos in Vegas. Don't cheat the Casino and don't stiff the help. While having dinner the Britster threw a fit because the cafe didn't have her mocha, latte, whatever coffee. The Waitress (who WAS a big fan) went across the street to Starbucks and personally bought little whinning Britney a coffee. When the dinner wrapped up not only did Miss Spears not tip the waitress but didn't even pay her for the drink.
Contrary to popular beleif, Las Vegans have a Long memory. "What happens in Vegas, might get plastered all over the Internet.
So are we sorry that poor Britney has a rehab doll to add to her collection? Nope. We kinda want to add it our collection. Are we rooting for Kevin to get the kids? Hell yes.

05 March, 2007

A Wendy by Any Other Name

The name Wendy was made up for the book Peter Pan. There was never a recorded Wendy before.

I added this to my Odd facts page and Wendys (Friends of Wendys) worldwide have risen to the challenge. Among the retorts that run the gambit from "Liar, Liar Pants on Fire" to well thought out retorts like "I'm a Wendy so the name is real", one stands out.

A reader who actually followed the rules of the site sent an internet reference by which we can debate whether or not this "Fact" happens to be true. Wendy's World is a bubbly cute site worthy of a World Class Wendy. Maintained by Wendy Russ, therein lies a link that gives us an entomology of the name Wendy. Sort of. The site itself says that it proves that Wendy was not made up by J. M. Barrie for "Peter Pan", sort of.

Wendy may be in fact a bastardization of the name Gwendolyn. But I prefer to believe the flip side of the article in that "Wendy" was made up for the story as a homage to a little six year old girl named Margaret Henley who adored Barrie and always called him "my friendy". However, because she couldn't pronounce her r's, the words came out "my fwendy". One variation of the tale says Margaret called Barrie "friendy-wendy" or in her pronunciation, "fwendy-wendy".

For now I'll side for the whimsy and cute story of Margaret Henley until something better comes along.

I post, you decide.

04 March, 2007

Stupid Product Warnings

Chainsaw warning, originally uploaded by maddog2840.

There I was practicing with Adobe Photoshop. I was trying to make a banner and posted a test site to see how it looked. This test page is up to 180,000 hits so far. Come see what the buzz is about.

Stupid Product Warnings