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22 August, 2008

2008 Olympics

Yeah. I know. I know. I should've been bloggong but I've been way busy watching the Beijing Olympics. It's nice to see the Chinese put aside executing dissidents and host the World.

I've been busy watching women's beach volley ball. Jesus! These chicks are hot!

But then there's;
Women's Swimming
Women's Diving. Don't skip the shower scenes.
Women's Track.
Women's Gymnastics. In that traditionally creepy pedo kinda a way.

Q: Did you seen that really bad fall the Chinese Women gymnast took?
A: Yeah. She fell so hard it knocked some of her baby teeth out.

On the serious side. Hungarian weightlifter Janos Baranyai really fucked up his lift. His left arm dislocates and then he drops the weight on his back. Fortunately, the helpful, freiendly, ever so thoughtful Chinese have some boys and firls run out and shield you from Janos writhing in agony.

See? Nothing bad ever happens in China.

Here's the full video if the accident.