Welcome. This is where you'll find my rantings or maybe something interesting I found while surfing the web. Feel free to comment. If you disagree and I'm very interested in hearing what you think. Let's get into it.
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27 July, 2010

Living in Europe

You know, In Europe, it’s the little things you miss. Like water in the toilet. In Germany you get a “shelf” instead. After dropping a poop on the shelf you (um…they…the Germans, I mean) turn around and inspect the poop for healthy condition. After passing muster it’s flushed away with a gushing flood/stream of water.
Leipzig Games Convention 2007.

26 July, 2010


Okay Loyal Readers, I'm back. I suspended the Blog until I could figure out where I wanted to go with the Lucky Puppy. This is a temporary format while I decide that Wordpress and Thesis is a rip off or not. "Not" meaning if I can bend it to my will and allow me to publish my vision of the site.

No this isn't it but we'll plod on.

Until things get better, get off your ass and leave some comments so there can be some interaction and let me appear to be far less ego centric.

10 February, 2010

Sponsor a Child in Haiti

How sweet, the little boy i sponsor in Haiti made me a card!!