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16 February, 2007

Are You the Father?

News flash----Anna Nicole Smith is still dead. How long will the media flog this dead horse? Whoops, bad pun. Makes you wonder what the media is trying to distract you from.

In keeping with the spirit, we offer this non-binding resolution to determine who is the real father of the baby. If you think it's you, add your name to the list. If you have a good guess who sired the infant throw that into the hat too.

Good Luck..

Are you the Baby's father? Add your name to the list.
2. John Williams
3. J.D. Miller
4. Mike Davis
5. Richard Jones
6. Michael Moore
7. Joseph Taylor
8. Chris White
9. Dave
10. Martin Mull
11. Paul Fairfield
12. Andy Martinez
13. Howard Stern
14. Mark Hatten
15. Bill Clinton
16. George Bush
17. Larry Birkhead
18. Howard K. Stern
19. Dick Cheney
20. Hugh Hefner
21. Madonna
22. Andy Valenzuela
23. Walt Chamberlain


Abby said...

It's not Bill Clinton. He doesn't do blondes. :)

Maddog said...

What about.....Hillary?

On second thought, never mind.