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08 January, 2008


It has come to the attention of the editorial staff that some readers have been offended by this publication. If that's you...read our handy, dandy, our lawyers say it will stand up in court...

Legal Disclaimer

With that out of the way and on a personal note. Yes this blog is written in a manner to provoke thought and controversy. A means to the end of opening a dialog in which opposing views can be discussed without too much flame. If something in here outrages you, feel free to vent in a comment. If you can't summon up the courage to type, then you're a whinny little bitch who can't hold their water.

If you just yelled "That Son of a Bitch is taking about me!" You're wrong. We do not target individuals as policy with the exceptions of Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, who we all know deserve it.

Oh yeah, sometimes we try to get you to laugh and lighten up your day.

We now return to our regularly scheduled blog.