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22 September, 2008

Surreal Trip to Wal Mart

So there I was ...In Wal Mart with my daughter.

It was in the paper aisle that I started to notice there was an unofficial Sarah Palin look alike contest going on. Unofficial because there weren't any signs posted.

I spotted a Mother-Daughter-Daughter team. I asked Mom if she and her teenaged daughters were doing the Palin look on purpose. The up-do, the glasses, the red shade of lipstick past the corners of the mouth? She said, "yes".

I asked if I could take a picture that would post on the web.

Mom declined. But my interest was pegged. By the time I left, I spotted six more of various ages roaming around the store.

I was reminded of the Diana look that even my wife imitated way back when.

When women start changing their hair style, they're serious.

Makes me wonder how many Sarahs we'll see trick or treating.