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23 April, 2007

Bizarre Assault

London, England. APRIL 15 2007. One of the most bizarre assault cases I have ever heard of took place not too long ago. A woman by the name of Felicha Marin, an 18-year old woman, was caught trying to steal a pair of shoes from a store named "Lizard", which is located on Hill Street, Richmond.

Once Felicha Marin was caught by police for her shoplifting scheme, she went on to assault the police officers in a rather unusual, unheard of way. Felicha Marin promptly took out her right breast, took aim, and shot breast milk from her right breast at a police officer. Marin was then detained by police and brought down to jail. Marin is being held accountable for shoplifting, and an assault charge for the breast milk incident.